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Breast Revision & Breast Implant Revision Beverly Hills & Rancho Mirage

For any of a number of reasons statistics show that a good portion of the tens of thousands of patients who undergo breast revision surgery each will year return for additional surgery, both to correct problems and to make additional changes. It is estimated that a large percent of these patients, at as much as 40%, are patients who experienced no complications but instead come for additional volume – larger breasts. However, there are a large number of breast revision patients who do seek revisions for results with which they are otherwise unsatisfied.

Matters For Breast Revision

Aside from addressing patients seeking larger breasts, breast implant revision at Ordon | Chopra Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery can provide changes in patients who find that their breasts have healed with excess or visible scar tissue, uneven breasts, and can also address implants that have shifted, begun to leak, or that have ruptured. Scar tissue also becomes a major concern especially when it forms to close to the skin, resulting in shelving, wrinkles, bulging, and capsular contracture. Some patients seek breast revision as soon as a year after surgery – when the final results become clear. However, it is not uncommon for patients to come 5 to 10 years or more after their primary surgery. Patients who have undergone pregnancy, weight changes, or simply the normal effects of aging often find that their implants no longer look or feel natural and seek for them to be removed. Any and all of these conditions can be addressed through a breast revision.

Is Breast Revision Very Different From Standard Breast Implant Surgery?

Due to the formation of scar tissue in a breast revision surgery, any subsequent surgery becomes far more complicated and should only be performed by experienced breast surgeons with ample experience performing breast revision surgery. Breast revision can take longer because surgeons need to see to the breasts and implants themselves but must first attend to scar tissue, which can vary from patient to patient, but which is generally distributed generously in and around the area of the original incisions.

Preparation And Recovery

While tending to issues created or unaddressed by an initial breast surgery or obtaining results that can more accurately achieve the breasts a patient is searching for can all depend on finding the right surgeon, the responsibilities of the patient are not all together different from those during their first breast surgery. Patients should be non-smokers or be willing to quit for an extended amount of time both before and after, refrain from taking blood thinning drugs including OTC medications like Advil and Aleve, and make their strongest effort to maintain a healthy diet and a regular exercise or fitness regimen.

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