Brazilian Buttocks Lift Beverly Hills Surgery

When exercises just aren’t enough to achieve that ideal hourglass figure, the answer may be a Brazilian buttocks lift. This procedure includes liposuction and lipoinjection.

A typical patient of the Brazilian buttocks lift will require liposuction on multiple problem areas in order to get enough usable fat for transfer into the buttocks. Of all the fat harvested via lipo, only the living fat cells are chosen to be re-injected into the buttocks.

Transferring the fat properly involves hundreds of micro injections using small, specialized syringes. The purpose of using smaller injections at various depths is to keep those valuable donor cells in contact with the blood supply to make sure they stay alive. This way, the patient will get the highest fat-retention rate possible.

Although the amount of fat reabsorbed into the patient’s body varies based on several factors, most doctors agree that 70% to 80% of the fat injected can take hold over a long period of time. However, the body will still age and change with time and weight fluctuation.

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