A Brief History of Rhinoplasty

In the 21st century, rhinoplasty is one of the easiest and most common plastic surgery procedures we do at the Ordon Chopra Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center in Beverly Hills. But it hasn’t always been that way. Rhinoplasty has an extremely long and fascinating history. This blog will take you on a journey all around the world so buckle up! We’re taking off from Beverly Hills and making our first stop in India.

That’s right, rhinoplasty is thought to have begun in India around the year 500 BC by a physician named Sushruta. In that day and age it was common for criminals to be punished by having their noses partially cut off, this way it was apparent for people around them to know. It is believed that Sushruta and his students began the surgery in order to repair these noses and give the convicted felons a chance at a new beginning.

More and more advances were made over the centuries in places all over the place including Rome, Arabia, Persia and Egypt and eventually to the Americas in the early 1800s. By 1887 the first true rhinoplasty was performed by Jacques Joseph, the man considered to be the father of plastic surgery. A boy came to him who had extreme confidence issues because of the size of his nose. It is said that the taunting was so bad he avoided going out in public. A success rhinoplasty was performed and Joseph began writing about the benefits of plastic surgery to improve a patient’s appearance. The First World War also popularized the nose job to repair injuries soldiers sustained in battle.

Today, we at Ordon Chopra Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery use the most up to date techniques when our Beverly Hills patients come to us for rhinoplasty. We strive for the most natural looking results that compliment your other facial features. We hope you enjoyed your quick trip around the world and learned a thing or two about rhinoplasty.