Donut Mastopexy Technique

L?t'? l??k ?t donut mastopexy breast enhancement surgery. B?f?r? deciding t? undergo ?n? breast surgery, it i? important t? fully understand what it will consist of, th? benefits, and th? ????ibl? risks ?nd ?ft?r-effects.

Sagging Breasts

When a woman is at a young age, her breast ?kin i? taut ?nd elastic, ?nd th? ligaments holding th? breast tissue t? th? chest wall ?r? short ?nd tight. With aging, exposure t? gravity, weight ?h?ng??, ?nd pregnancy, th? ligaments ?nd ?kin ?r? stretched ?nd disrupted.

This leads eventually t? sagging breasts, ?????i?ll? ?ft?r breast involution f?ll?wing pregnancy ?nd breastfeeding.

Surgery t? correct thi? drooping i? termed a mastopexy, ?r breast lift, ?nd involves alteration of th? breast ?kin and/or deeper breast tissue. One technique for this procedure is the donut mastopexy, or Benelli mastopexy.

Candidates for Donut Mastopexy

T? b? suitable f?r donut mastopexy, th? patient mu?t b? in good health ?nd must n?t h?v? ?n? active diseases ?r pre-existing medical conditions. Due t? th? natural stretching ?nd sagging ?f th? breast ?kin ?ft?r pregnancy, it i? highly recommend th?t th? patient waits until ?h? n? longer w?nt? t? h?v? ?n? additional children b?f?r? h?ving th? surgery.

A patient is more likely to b? satisfied with th? results ?f th? surgery if th?r? i? sufficient communication b?tw??n th? surgeon ?nd th? patient. It i? critical t? b? ?bl? t? voice ??ur desires t? ??ur surgeon ?? th?t he will b? ?bl? t? b?tt?r understand ??ur n??d? ?nd create the results ??u desire.

Surgeon’s Goals

Wh?n designing th? pattern ?f ?kin removal, ?n? ?f th? surgeon's goals i? t? leave th? patient with a r?und areola ?nd n? stray areola ?kin ?ut?id? th? confines ?f th?t r?und areola. Th? areola ??n b? distorted b? tight suture closures ?ft?r removal ?f th? ?kin excess, so surgeons are very aware of the potential for this issue.

Another goal i? t? increase th? visible ?kin b?tw??n breast fold ?nd nipple wh?n ?n? i? standing upright. Thi? i? ??rti?ul?rl? important in breast lifts that also involve augmentation, b???u?? ?nl? putting in breast implants with?ut also increasing visible skin ?n standing will n?t result in visually appealing results.

Breast lifts ?r? frequently performed in conjunction with ?th?r breast procedures ?u?h ?? reconstruction ?ft?r cancer removal, breast augmentation, ?nd breast reduction with th? removal ?f highly variable amounts ?f breast tissue. T? improve symmetry, diff?r?nt approaches ?r? ?ft?n employed f?r ???h breast.

Donut Mastopexy Technique

The donut mastopexy technique i? a way t? eliminate th? vertical post-surgical mark ?n th? gland th?t occurs with th? anchor ?nd lollipop mastopexy techniques.

A circle, ?r "donut," ?f excess ?kin ?nd areola i? removed fr?m ?r?und th? areola, ?nd th? surrounding ?kin i? "gathered" ?nd sutured t? th? areola. Th? result i? a camouflaged post-surgical mark that ?nl? runs ?r?und th? areola with n? vertical line running d?wn th? gland. Thi? procedure i? b??t f?r lesser degrees ?f ptosis (breast sag).

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