Rhinoplasty for Confidence

Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeons aren’t just about giving their clients new noses because they don’t like the one they were born with. Some people have intense self-confidence issues because of their facial features. What’s worse, some people, including teenagers, are bullied on a daily basis for having a big nose.

We heard about a high school cheerleader in Orange County who was being constantly bullied for having a “funny looking” nose. It got so bad that by her
senior year she chose to leave and be homeschooled. This had been going on since elementary school when the other kids called her “Big Bird.” From then on the name followed and haunted her.

While she chose a rhinoplasty surgeon to fix her nose, it was the young lady that fixed her confidence level. A few hours in the operating room could make her disregard the years of hurt she felt. Rhinoplasty completely changed the girl’s attitude about her looks. No longer would she have to feel uncomfortable or fear that her peers would laugh at her nose. This young adult could not go on living the rest of her life the way she wanted to, with nothing holding her back.

As doctors our goal is to make people look and feel their best. We’re so glad to hear that this teenage girl could dramatically change her life and more importantly her confidence level. At Ordon Chopra Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Los Angeles our skilled rhinoplasty surgeons hope that all our patients feel this good about their rhinoplasty results. If you truly believe that a rhinoplasty surgery could turn your life around don’t waste another minute. Leave behind any negative perceptions of yourself the minute you step through our doors.