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What is an arm lift? An arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty is a plastic surgery procedure to remove both excess fatty tissue and excess skin from the upper arm. Dr Ordon & Dr Chopra have performed some of the top results for Brachioplasty Beverly Hills patients have seen.

The goal of an arm lift is to provide patients with a youthful, smooth and even contour of the upper arm. An arm lift may include both the trimming of fat and skin and is often combined with liposuction techniques to improve the outcome.

How Is An Arm Lift Performed?

Depending on the severity and degree of excess skin the techniques employed during an arm lift can very substantially, but they are all meant to achieve the same results.

Patients who have loose skin are generally dealt with by cutting away excess skin and fatty tissue from the inner part of the arm. This can be done with only a single scar running along the inner portion of the arm from the elbow to the armpit, and the incision is easily concealable. If the condition is less extensive it may require even fewer incisions and can usually be accomplished through a single or double scar in the armpit alone.

Who Is A Good Candidate For An Arm Lift?

Dr. Ordon and Dr. Chopra maintain an impeccable record performing arm lift surgery and the procedure can be safely performed on a variety of patients who are physically and mentally healthy. Some of the most frequently encountered patients are those who have experienced rapid and/or dramatic weight-loss.

This change commonly leads to excess skin on the upper arms after patients substantially reduce the fat all over the body. Many of our patients are women who are 50 or older who are self conscious of excessive skin in the upper arms. Patients who are in generally good health are usually good candidates and the doctors are always happy to make an in-person evaluation, which includes an assessment of both the patient’s current health and their medical history.

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Preparation For An Arm Lift

Patients seeking the best arm lift Beverly Hills can provide are expected to be as physically and mentally healthy as possible.

Patients who smoke will be required to quit well in advance of the surgery and must agree to refrain from smoking for several months both before and after. Smoking can severely inhibit the body’s ability to heal by limiting the oxygen supply to the blood and tissue. Over the counter medications, including common painkillers like Aspirin and Aleve are blood thinners and must be avoided to prevent excessive blood loss before, during, and after surgery.

The surgeon will provide all medications including antibiotics and painkillers that are known to be as safe and effective as possible, and which do not normally create complications. The attending surgeon will also provide thorough instructions on preparing for recovery, finding someone to assist, planning adequate recovery time and creating a suitable environment in which patients can heal most efficiently.

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