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If you are interested in breast augmentation and have questions about the types of breast implants available to you. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Ordon or Nathaniel Villanueva, two of the best Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation Experts.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular types of plastic surgery in the country. When it comes to breast augmentation Beverly Hills is the place to go to add size to your breasts and aid in the correction of breast asymmetry.

Many women choose breast augmentation after pregnancy and breastfeeding, especially as a part of a mommy makeover because it helps to restore their breasts to pre-childbirth shape.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that alters the shape of a woman’s breast, increases its size, and transforms the overall texture. There are many reasons why women decide to get a breast augmentation, including to restore volume after pregnancy or weight loss, wanting to improve symmetry and disproportion in size and shape, or get better breast contours after breast cancer or due to abnormalities.

Breast implants are medical devices that can increase breast size or reconstruct lost breast tissue after mastectomy. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. A breast augmentation procedure can vary depending on your specific needs, but the end result remains the same, that having a fuller and more rounded breast shape, improves self-confidence.

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular aesthetic procedures throughout the world. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation was the top surgical procedure of 2018 with 329,914 procedures.

Textured Breast Implant Recall

At Ordon & Chopra, patient health and safety is always our top priority. As you may be aware, a recall was recently issued for specific implants and we would like to give you some facts and, hopefully, provide some peace of mind regarding this subject.

This recall is applicable only to a limited number of textured implant products: 95% of all implants sold in the U.S. are smooth and completely unaffected. The most common applications for textured implants include an above-average physically active lifestyle, a sloping rib bone structure, and/or reconstructive breast procedures.

Rare among this small subset of textured implant recipients is the instance of associated ailment. The main infirmity reported in connection with these implants is BIA-ALCL, the remission rate for which is close to 90%. We want to convey the facts and hopefully assuage any panic. If you have any symptoms or concerns at all, please do not hesitate to contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.

Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation

Fat grafting is a liposuction procedure that transfers fat from one part of your body and injects it into another for enhancement and natural results. For this type of breast augmentation, fat can be taken from an area such as your waist, buttocks or thighs. The procedure uses your own tissues to reconnect to your blood supply at the recipient site and work the same way it did in the donor site.

Fat grafting breast augmentation has been successful in our office giving our patients more natural-looking breasts than with an implant. It is an option many consider and get when having breast implants removed. There is a limitation to increased cup size but it doesn’t take much volume to add fullness in areas you desire like the inner part or upper portion of your breasts to enhance cleavage. This procedure also provides better breast asymmetry and can correct “lopsided” appearance.

There can be misconceptions with regards to necrosis when it comes to a fat grafting breast augmentation procedure. Fat necrosis is a seldom occurring side effect of a fat transfer. This happens when fat cells are not accepted at the receiving site causing them to die and release fatty acids. A properly executed fat grafting procedure should avoid any such complications. However, in the rare instance that this occurs, one’s body is commonly able to care for the issue on its own and any resulting symptoms either disappear or a simple follow up procedure can be performed to care for any remaining concerns. 

Results from Fat Grafting

Our experience at Ordon Chopra has been very positive in performing fat grafting as a breast augmentation procedure. What you can expect is results that can last for many years with a softer, fuller appearance, and enhanced skin texture to give you a rejuvenated look.

There is little to no scarring because there are no incisions made to your breast. The fat transfer also provides a slimmer appearance because fat is taken out from one area such as the dreaded love handles. We’ve had great success performing fat grafting as a breast augmentation procedure for many of our patients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation?

Any woman in good physical health who has a realistic expectation for a breast augmentation procedure is a good candidate. The FDA has an age requirement of at least 18 years of age for saline breast implants and 22 for silicone breast implants.

Which one is better: silicone or saline breast implants?

Women generally prefer implants that create a natural look and feel. What type of breast implant, silicone or saline, is better? It is an important decision when deciding which type is suitable for your body. It ultimately depends on your personal preference.

Both breast implant types are durable and have an outer shell made out of silicone. However, they differ in consistency, appearance and touch. Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water solution that is similar to bodily fluids. The solution is deemed safe upon rupture or leak and blends safely in with the body. They are inserted in the chest empty and filled after they are put in place.

Silicone implants are pre-filled with silicone gel, which is classified as a safe product by the FDA. Women have turned to this style of implant because silicone makes the breasts look and feel more natural than saline and they are safe to insert and remove. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, statistics show that 72 percent of all breast implants are now silicone since its return in 2006.

What are the risks with a breast augmentation?

Dr. Ordon and Dr. Villanueva have performed many breast augmentations in Beverly Hills. The procedure is considered safe. Some of the risks can include asymmetry, bleeding, breast pain, capsular contracture, infection, implant displacement, and potential deflation or rupture of the implant.

Will there be scars?

Yes, but the scarring fades with time, several months, and will become less noticeable. Every individual heals differently. The incisions may be placed along the breast crease, around the areola or within the armpit and will be made as inconspicuous as possible. Expect your scars to be firm and pink for a minimum of six weeks.

What is the recovery like from a breast augmentation?

You can expect some discomfort in the first day or two after your surgery. Medication can be prescribed for pain relief. To support your breast while they heal during your recovery, they may be wrapped in dressings. You can also wear a support bra to help minimize bruising and swelling, which can last for up to five weeks. The dressing or stitches are usually removed after a week or so.

As for your activities, light ones can be resumed within 48 hours but more strenuous exercises should wait at least three weeks and up to six weeks depending on the activity. Expect your breasts to be sensitive to any direct stimulation for up to three weeks. When you can return to work depends on the type of work that you do. You will be provided with information on surgical wound care and how best to recover from your surgery.

What are the benefits of breast augmentation?

There are many great reasons why getting a Beverly Hills breast augmentation procedure can transform your life:

  1. Boost in self-esteem: You will feel more self-confident after your surgery with your new shapely appearance.
  2. Clothes fit better: After your breast augmentation surgery, you will notice how much better your clothes, like a bikini or tank top, will fit your body.
  3. Larger and perkier breasts: it is not only increasing the size of your breasts but also getting perkier and shapely breasts, that complement your body type.
  4. More proportioned shape: the procedure will improve the shape of your breasts and transform the overall look of your breasts creating a more pleasing aesthetic proportion for your body.
  5. Restores or rebuilds your breasts: A breast augmentation procedure allows you to restore volume that has been lost due to a pregnancy or the aging process, and give them a more youthful appearance. It can also rebuild your breasts after a mastectomy and help you feel like yourself again.


If you are interested in getting one of the top breast augmentations Beverly Hills has to offer, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

During your consultation, we will listen to your concerns, examine your breasts, take photographs, and recommend a course of treatment that meets your goals. We can show you before and after photos of breast augmentation that show the fantastic results we've achieved and together discover the type of look you desire today.

Top Beverly Hills Surgeons

When it comes to breast augmentation Beverly Hills is the place to go to receive the best treatment from two of the world’s best plastic surgeons. 

Dr. Andrew Ordon is one of the best Beverly Hills breast augmentation experts, highly regarded in the medical community, and with years of experience performing plastic surgery. Dr. Ordon has been part of the award-winning hit TV show, “The Doctors”, and is a member of prestigious plastic surgery organizations including, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the L.A. Surgical Society.

Dr. Ordon is currently an associate professor of surgery at Keck/USC School of Medicine, and an assistant professor of plastic surgery at Dartmouth School of Medicine and The University of Connecticut.

Dr. Nathaniel Villanueva is a rising star in the plastic surgery field. Handpicked for his surgical acumen and aesthetic eye by Dr. Ordon himself. Dr. Villanueva attended the University of Southern California where he earned his medical degree and completed residency and fellowship, graduating with considerable accolades.

“My Spirits Were Lifted!”

“Dr. Chopra is not only very charismatic, knowledgeable, and experienced, his bedside manner made the difference in my decision to have my augmentation done by him. I will never use any other Doctor as I am a dedicated patient!”

“I had the most amazing experience!”

“I had the most amazing experience with Dr. Chopra. He anticipated my needs and made sure I felt great with my results. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a wonderful plastic surgeon who really goes above and beyond!”

“Extremely happy with my results.”

“Dr Chopra is the best Dr. out there! Dr Chopra is a Perfectionist, his bedside manner is warm, kind and very caring. If you are seeking a doctor to perform reconstruction revision or cosmetic surgery, You need to look no further.”

“Exceeded All Expectations”

“Since then Dr. Chopra has done my implants and 2 fat transfer procedures. It has been 1 year and 9 months since my breast cancer diagnosis and in that time your surgical team becomes like family.”

“Highly Recommended”

“My Experience with Dr. Villanueva was amazing. Dr V. is very knowledgeable and very kind. He is easy to talk to and direct with the answers. He took his time to answer all my questions and I felt very confident before my procedure. I see amazing results even after 2 weeks Post Op. Staff was very friendly and helpful. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! I am so Thankful for him and his team and I will definitely go back for any surgical needs.”

“I Feel Confident Again”

“Dr. V and his staff was so welcoming and made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked into his office. He was kind to answer my million questions before and after my surgery. I am beyond excited and I feel confident again seeing my results. I highly recommend Dr. V. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and safe.”

“Very Passionate About What He Does”

“Dr V. Is very passionate about what he does. He listens and has really good ideas for realistic expectations. He is very calm and professional. His staff is amazing...nurses, Samantha, anesthesiologist, office too. You can tell they are a great team! Very lucky to have Dr Villanueva here in RANCHO mirage and Beverly Hills.”

“Can't Say Enough About the Wonderful Experience”

“Can't say enough about the wonderful experience that my daughter had. The whole process beginning to end went smoothly. Dr. Villanueva is incredibly professional and talented. He listened to Ria's needs and worked with her to achieve desired result. Ria is healing well and very happy.”