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Thermage in Beverly Hills, CA

Thermage for smoother & more youthful skin

Thermage is a leading non-invasive procedure for body contouring and skin tightening. It is used to smooth, tighten, and contour the skin on selected areas of the face, around the eyes, or various parts of the body.

Thermage Beverly Hills

Replenish Your Body’s Natural Collagenwith Thermage Beverly Hills

With Thermage Beverly Hills aesthetic experts can utilize radio frequency (RF) technology that safely stimulates the body’s ability to produce collagen. Collagen is a primary protein in the human body, and is a major player in the growth and preservation of skin, hair, nails, soft tissues, and even bones. As we age, our body’s ability to naturally produce collagen, and the structure which binds collagen fibers together, begin to weaken.

Collagen supplements, while beneficial to the body as a whole, cannot fully replenish the decrease in collagen production which takes place over the course of time. Thermage offers us the ability to restore the collagen within treated skin. The Thermage approach not only instantly firms from the level at which collagen fibers are present within the skin; it dramatically increases collagen production and allows deteriorated collagen fiber structures to be rebuilt.

How Does Thermage Work?

Through the aging process, skin can lose its elasticity due to the breakdown of collagen cells, causing wrinkled, crepey, sagging skin as well as cellulite. Thermage works by targeting the deeper layers of skin, stimulating existing collagen and new collagen growth for smoother, more youthful looking skin. The dermis (or lower layer of skin, beneath the epidermis) contains collagen fibrils (or small fibers). The condition and structure of these collagen fibrils within the dermis naturally deteriorate as we age. The fibrils become loose, and the structure of how they connect to each other begins to collapse. As this process occurs, the skin’s firmness and texture also deteriorate. Conditions such as loose skin, cellulite, crepey skin, and wrinkles are all products of this process.

Thermage utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver heat to the dermis without causing any damage to the epidermis. As each pulse delivers heat to the dermis, the epidermis is simultaneously cooled. The heat sent to the lower layer of skin disrupts the collagen fibrils within and prompts a rejuvenating response. The affected collagen fibrils contract and firm the lower layer of skin. This rejuvenation not only causes an immediate firming of the skin, but also prompts the growth of new collagen as the disrupted fibrils heal. This boost in collagen production will then continue to improve the skin’s texture, firmness, and appearance over several months following treatment, and results may last several years.

Benefits of Thermage


Long-lasting results

Little to no downtime

Effective for all skin types

Improves firmness of skin

Diminishes appearance of cellulite

Noticeable results in just one treatment

Softens appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Reduces sagging or crepey skin on the face or body

Continued improvement of skin firmness and appearance over several months following treatment

What to Expect

At the Plastic Surgery Institute in Beverly Hills Thermage treatment takes approximately one hour per region, and takes place within the privacy and luxury of our Beverly Hills and Rancho Mirage locations. A topical numbing agent will be applied to the area 20 minutes prior to treatment. Patients with sensitive skin can request a light pain medication prior to the procedure.

The practitioner will then guide the hand-piece over the treatment area. During the treatment patients tend to feel a brief sensation of heat with each pulse. However, the practitioner will adjust the heat intensity levels to maintain the patient’s comfort. Recovery time is minimal with some patients noticing smoother and tighter results almost immediately. Most patients tend to see the most dramatic results two to six months after treatment as the collagen continues to produce. Although rare, minor swelling or redness can occur but usually resolves after 24 hours.

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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Chopra, Dr. Ordon, and Dr Villanueva

The Doctors at the Plastic Surgery Institute love what they do. If you want the highest quality of care from industry leaders who are as approachable as they are professional, you will find a perfect partner for your procedure at the Plastic Surgery Institute in Beverly Hills.

Patient Reviews

“My Spirits Were Lifted!”

“Dr. Chopra is not only very charismatic, knowledgeable, and experienced, his bedside manner made the difference in my decision to have my augmentation done by him. I will never use any other Doctor as I am a dedicated patient!”

“I had the most amazing experience!”

“I had the most amazing experience with Dr. Chopra. He anticipated my needs and made sure I felt great with my results. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a wonderful plastic surgeon who really goes above and beyond!”

“Extremely happy with my results.”

“Dr. Chopra is the best Dr. out there! Dr. Chopra is a Perfectionist, his bedside manner is warm, kind, and very caring. If you are seeking a doctor to perform reconstruction revision or cosmetic surgery, You need to look no further.”

“Exceeded All Expectations”

“Since then Dr. Chopra has done my implants and 2 fat transfer procedures. It has been 1 year and 9 months since my breast cancer diagnosis and in that time your surgical team becomes like family.”

“Highly Recommended”

“My Experience with Dr. Villanueva was amazing. Dr. V. is very knowledgeable and very kind. He is easy to talk to and direct with the answers. He took his time to answer all my questions and I felt very confident before my procedure. I see amazing results even after 2 weeks Post Op. The staff was very friendly and helpful. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! I am so thankful for him and his team and I will definitely go back for any surgical needs.”

“I Feel Confident Again”

“Dr. V and his staff were so welcoming and made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked into his office. He was kind to answer my million questions before and after my surgery. I am beyond excited and I feel confident again seeing my results. I highly recommend Dr. V. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and safe.”

“Very Passionate About What He Does”

“Dr. V. Is very passionate about what he does. He listens and has really good ideas for realistic expectations. He is very calm and professional. His staff is amazing...nurses, Samantha, anesthesiologist, office too. You can tell they are a great team! Very lucky to have Dr. Villanueva here in Rancho Mirage and Beverly Hills.”

“Can't Say Enough About the Wonderful Experience”

“Can't say enough about the wonderful experience that my daughter had. The whole process beginning to end went smoothly. Dr. Villanueva is incredibly professional and talented. He listened to Ria's needs and worked with her to achieve the desired result. Ria is healing well and very happy.”

“Thank you for changing my life!”

I've done the research for you and saw 25 top-tier surgeons before deciding on Dr. Chopra -- by far the most excellent and perfectionist plastic surgeon. He's a fantastic surgical artist. Professional. Comfortable. Kind. Compassionate. Trustworthy. 100% proven commitment to his clients. I've never known of a better doctor who could make vast changes to my face and neck that made me look younger and feel fabulous, and yet you would never have known I've had a facelift.

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Thermage Results

Thermage results are immediate and continuous. Just one of our state-of-the-art Beverly Hills Thermage treatments can give results that last up to several years, depending on the patient’s aging process. In some cases, a follow-up session is recommended to patients after one year.

Frequently Asked Questions

The recovery time for a Thermage treatment is minimal, with almost all patients returning to daily activities immediately.

The answer to this question varies between individual patients, but results typically last about two years with some patients benefiting from annual treatments.

Thermage is ideal for patients who are interested in improving the elasticity and texture of the skin on the face or specific areas of the body. Patients who have noticed mild to moderate signs of aging often achieve the most dramatic results. While Thermage is an effective treatment for skin rejuvenation, it does not tighten aging muscles. If treatment for advanced signs of aging (such as muscular relaxation) is desired or if you are interested in learning about the many other skin-rejuvenating treatment options we offer, please explore the related procedures listed below. Contact our Beverly Hills or Rancho Mirage location to schedule a consultation with one of our world-renowned surgeons to discuss your Thermage treatment or other available treatment options.

Many patients experience a noticeable tightening of the treated skin immediately upon receiving treatment, though the full effects of Thermage develop for several months as increased collagen production continues.

Thermage is ideal for patients in their 30’s or older with minimal to moderate loss of skin elasticity and smoothness.

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Thermage Beverly Hills

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