Fat Transfer Beverly Hills

Fat transfer (also known as fat grafting) is the process of removing fat from a donor area of the body, usually abdomen or buttocks, with liposuction and injecting it in an area you desire more volume. Through the aging process, volume loss is common in the face, breast, and buttocks. Fat transfer is a procedure that can restore that volume and improve the signs of aging.

A common fat transfer procedure is known as the Brazilian Butt Lift which can give patients a more sculpted, shapely butt. It is one of the most effective procedures of giving women the natural curves they desire. This method is often preferred over buttock implants because it is a safer more reliable method of yielding natural results.

Another favored fat transfer procedures is the Natural Breast Augmentation. This is a natural and safe alternative procedure for patients who seek to improve the size and shape of their breasts without undergoing a major surgical procedure of breast implants. Generally, an increase in one cup size can be achieved through one session of fat grafting.

Fat transfer can be used as an alternative to dermal fillers and improve appearance of hollow cheeks, sunken temples, deep lines or wrinkles, scars, and thin lips.

The fat transfer process can deliver the natural desired results in a safe and simple approach with little downtime.* Patients can experience mild to moderate swelling or bruising although majority are able to return to normal daily activities within a few days of procedure. Patients can expect to retain 50-70% of the fat transferred and that which does remain is considered long-lasting.*

*Individual results may vary.


  • Hollow cheeks or temples
  • Loss of volume in breasts
  • Small or flabby bottocks


  • Procedure performed under general or local anesthesia
  • Risks associated
  • Not all patients are candidates for this procedure

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*Individual results may vary.


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