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The Power of Cooling

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While most of people are aware of the traditional surgical fat-reduction technique called the liposuction, few know about the unprecedented power of cooling energy. Freezing fat cells helps to eliminate excess flab from the problem areas of your body, providing beautiful contours. The result of this is a youthful and better-proportioned body frame.

The cosmetic procedure known as CoolSculpting is used the world over as a safe and effective treatment for reduction of excess stubborn fat. But how exactly does CoolSculpting work?

What Is the Principle Behind CoolSculpting?

A revolutionary innovation in the world of cosmetic procedures, CoolSculpting works on the principle of cryolipolysis. This means reduction of fat cells through extremely low temperatures.

Unlike diet or exercise, which merely reduce the size of the fat cells in your body, this non-invasive procedure can reduce the dead fat cells for a long period of time.

How Is the Procedure of CoolSculpting Carried Out?

Since CoolSculpting does not incorporate any surgical methods, there is no need for anesthesia. Your doctor will begin the procedure by applying a gel pad on the treatment area to protect the surrounding skin. He will then use an applicator to create vacuum suction on the fat bulge, holding it in place.

Your doctor will then expose the target site to temperatures as low at 4 degree Celsius. While the applicator specifically targets the subcutaneous fat cells, the overlying skin remains unaffected by the extreme temperatures. When exposed to the freezing temperatures, the target fat cells crystallize and die.

Over a period of time, the body’s natural healing process facilitates the secretion and elimination of the destroyed fat cells, leaving you with a sleeker and more sculpted frame. CoolSculpting can be used for fat reduction from a variety of areas on the body, including the abdomen, thighs, back, buttocks, and love handles.

Why Is CoolSculpting a Great Option?

Unlike most of the fat-reduction treatments that involve major surgical procedures and consequent blood loss, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that does not require you to go under the knife.

Given the fact that during your CoolSculpting treatment, you can do anything from reading a book to catching up with your emails or even napping, CoolSculpting offers a convenient and a near pain-free alternative to traditional fat-reduction methods such as liposuction.

Since there is no surgical intervention, CoolSculpting does not involve any downtime, and you can return back to work right after a session with your doctor.

Owing to the fact that the procedure aims to rid your body of excess stubborn fat cells from various problem areas, the results are long lasting and in most cases permanent.

Find Out More About the Power of Cooling

Doctors Andrew Ordon and Ritu Chopra, experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeons with numerous satisfied patients, will explain more about CoolSculpting as part of a consultation at our office. To set up your consultation, get in touch with us today.

No matter what brought you here, a visit with our doctors will bring out the best in you. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation, either in person or online.

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