Dysport Non-Surgical Beverly Hills Wrinkle Relaxer

Dysport is a popular brand of non-surgical anti-aging treatment containing botulinum toxin type A. Similar to Botox, this injectable solution has been proven over time to treat and prevent moderate to severe wrinkles on the face.

Offered by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon at his Beverly Hills office, Dysport is a quick and affordable way to stave off common signs of facial aging without the need for surgery. Once injected, the purified protein works by blocking nerve activity in targeted facial muscles, particularly the ones most responsible for the wrinkling.

To maximize the result of the Dysport treatments, patients should return for injections about every three months, which is around the same length of time that the treatment lasts.

For more information about Dysport or the many other injectable treatments available, contact our Beverly Hills office to set up a consultation. From there, Dr. Ordon will be happy to sit down and answer all of your questions.