Forehead Lift Recovery Beverly Hills Post-Op

Forehead lift recovery involves a relatively short and manageable healing process that varies from patient to patient. To optimize the post-operative experience, it’s important to have patience and follow your doctor’s post-surgical care instructions.

Certain occupations will permit returning to work sooner than other more physically intensive occupations. Most outpatient procedures require patients to miss at least three to four days of work, but some situations may require up to seven to ten days or more away from work.

Depending on patient and surgeon preference, you will either have a traditional or endoscopic forehead lift. Regardless of the choice of procedure, itching, tingling, pain, numbness, and facial swelling can all be potential temporary issues. With the endoscopic method, forehead lift recovery time is much faster due to the smaller incision sites.

The forehead lift recovery process is best when the surgery is done by experienced board-certified cosmetic surgeons Drs. Andrew Ordon and Ritu Chopra. Learn more by contacting our office in Beverly Hills.