Necklift Sagging Beverly Hills Skin Tightening

As we get older, the skin tends to remind us how long our story has played out. Aging skin naturally loses its elasticity. The trouble with losing elasticity is that it causes our skin to sag, specifically in areas like our neck and cheeks. Wrinkles and lines increase in number, making us look older and tired. A necklift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that eliminates excess skin and tightens any sagging around your jaw and neck.

When the skin sags around the neck, it can form the appearance of a double chin. The drooping is a result of gravity’s constant pull on our skin, but it is also made worse by lifestyle choices like smoking, prolonged sun exposure, weight fluctuations and other sources of wear and tear on the skin. In order to pull skin up and remove excess skin, the necklift requires incisions to be made at the hairline around the ears. Ultimately, the lifting makes a dramatic improvement.

To learn more about the necklift, contact experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons Drs. Andrew Ordon and Ritu Chopra.