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newest technique in breast reconstruction

As one of the early pioneers performing this cutting-edge procedure, Dr. Chopra has integrated the newest technique in breast reconstruction into practice at the Plastic Surgery Institute.

Over the last several years he has perfected this technique and has been educating his peers about the advantages of this operation over traditional breast reconstruction. You can see this new surgery in the video below, as featured on The Doctors, where he performed the procedure for the Pink Lotus Foundation with world-renowned breast surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk. Dr. Chopra has been recognized by Allergan for his outstanding results and for bringing pioneering techniques into practice to his peers. The top supplier of breast reconstruction materials nationwide, Allergan has also recognized Dr. Chopra for his patient safety.

Due to his breakthroughs his patients have some of the lowest incidences of complications following mastectomy. Dr. Chopra’s passion for this procedure has now changed the concept of reconstruction. He believes this procedure can help his patients look even better than they did prior to mastectomy. Dr. Chopra has helped numerous hopeless patients who thought that their post-mastectomy reconstruction results were final. Despite Dr. Chopra not being the primary reconstructive plastic surgeon, he has given his patients a new life with breast reconstruction revision. He is well known within the industry as one of the top surgeons for revisional post-mastectomy procedures.

Advantages of Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction

  • Fast recovery
  • No animation deformity
  • Good for different body habitus
  • No range of motion and or exercise issues
  • Less pain – because no pectoral muscle manipulation
  • Equivalent or better result than under the pectoral muscle

Patient Reviews

“My life forever changed when I found out that I was BRCA1 positive and had an 87% risk to develop breast cancer. At the time I was a healthy, vibrant 38-year-old wife and mother. I wanted to live a long and healthy life with my family so for me it was an easy decision to have a preventive double mastectomy. When I researched breast surgeons and plastic surgeons I was immediately drawn to Dr. Ritu Chopra because of his experience, charisma, and energy."

"I feel so blessed to have Dr. Chopra as my doctor because he was by my side through the entire process. He has a kind heart, a meticulous eye, and magical surgeon hands. I am so happy to say that post prophylactic surgery my risks of breast cancer are close to nothing and I can live each day of my life without the fear of getting cancer. And as an extra aesthetic bonus, I now have beautiful perky breasts without the need for a pushup bra, which I never thought would happen again after breastfeeding two babies."

" My life today is celebrated daily with a sense of relief that I will never hear the two words “breast cancer.” I thank my lucky stars to have Dr. Chopra as one of my forever life heroes.”

“After learning I was BRCA1 +, I began my search for a surgeon to take care of the expanders and reconstruction segment following my bilateral mastectomy. I had visited a couple of Plastic Surgeons before being referred to Dr.Chopra by a close friend. From the moment I met Dr.Chopra, he gave off very calm and reassuring energy which helped to reduce much of my fear and anticipation. He patiently explained every step of what I was about to go through, drew pictures, and answered every question I had about the surgery and the healing process."

"He never made me feel rushed and probably spent at least 45 minutes with me on the initial consult. He offered his cell phone number in case I had any other questions and made himself completely available from that point forward (whether I decided to go to him or to another plastic surgeon)…yes, really."

"His gentle bedside manner and attentiveness were beyond anything I could have expected. He checks on me in the morning and at night while in the hospital and just a text or call away. The results that I have so far are great. He is a perfectionist with extreme attention to detail. I am in the expander phase and can hardly wait to see my final results."

"I will look forward to updating once the reconstruction is complete! Additionally, he surrounds himself with a wonderful support staff that exudes the same genuine caring and attentiveness that he does. Mandy has gone out of her way to make this experience as seamless as possible. She drove 20 miles on a Sunday of a holiday weekend (Memorial Day) to bring me something I really needed and could not wait until Tuesday to get. I tried to let her know I would be fine, but she would not take no for an answer and I am very grateful for it.”

"I highly recommend putting your trust in Dr.Chopra and his staff…caring, professional, and attentive. You are truly in the best hands. Thank you for being such a wonderful provider Dr.Chopra. I am grateful to have been referred to you:)"

“I am so extremely grateful to have met Dr. Ritu Chopra and feel blessed to have him care for me during this difficult time. After making the hard decision to have a double mastectomy following a breast cancer diagnosis coupled with strong family history, I began the daunting task of choosing a surgeon to entrust with my treatment. "

"I never planned on having surgery outside of my hometown, Seattle, but after a consultation with Dr. Kristi Funk of Pink Lotus Breast Center and a subsequent referral and conversation with Dr. Chopra, I felt a sense of peace, and confidence in my treatment decision, for the first time since my diagnosis."

"Dr. Chopra immediately put me at ease, taking time to clearly explain the reconstructive process and answer all of my questions with compassion, confidence, and honesty. Dr. Chopra is not only an incredibly skilled surgeon he is truly a wonderful person. From being available for questions and easing anxiety before surgery to making me feel safe and at peace the morning of surgery, to his multiple follow up visits to check on me after surgery in Los Angeles and continued availability after I returned home (ahead of schedule), Dr. Chopra’s attentiveness and compassion have been consistent every step of the way. "

"Mandy and the rest of Dr. Chopra’s team have also been wonderful, incredibly kind and efficient, and always available and willing to answer questions, making the logistics of out-of-town surgery very smooth. While surgery and recovery are never easy, my anticipation was definitely worse than reality and my results so far have surpassed my expectations. I give credit for this to Dr. Chopra’s proactive, thoughtful approach and incredible skill and talent. I still have a ways to go until the finish line, but I have full confidence that my results will be awesome, thanks to Dr. Chopra and his wonderful team.”

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Consultation for Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

There are several options to consider when thinking about your breast reconstruction. Your choices will be thoroughly discussed, during your Beverly Hills breast reconstruction consultation at the Plastic Surgery Institute. Your consultation is incredibly important to the process, as the information you will provide during this time, your concerns, and goals for your breast reconstruction procedure, are incredibly valuable. You will be able to ask any questions you have to our skilled surgeons. We are here to help you decide what the right choice is for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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